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Put your finger down my throat.   
10:34pm 07/03/2006
mood: Flooded.
If I swallow anything evil.

Backwards, forwards inverse and outwards.
I write this feeling rather flooded.
But I guess you gotta live to learn how to be dead.
Random Ideas come into my mind and I type them out in this bulletin.
God is a woman, and the woman is an animal that animal is man, and that's you.
15 times I've eaten the same bowl of raison bran. It never tastes better.
Strong bones make weak muscles that lose support when they dry.
We both know that it's dead, and it's been dying for some time.
After all these implements and texts designed by intellects of X to find, evidently there's still so much that hides.
Without The Shins my life would not be complete. MY knees would be connected directly to my ankles.

If you wish to stop reading now, I recommend you do so.
I would share my pot with you, it's stainless steel.
I can't wait to wake to see whether the weather will have wind or weak rain.
I live for clouds, stars and everything above.
Transcending space and time is a hobby I once had now I let them shackle me with their chains and I follow with no disobedience.

Destruction is the creation of destruction.
SYmphonies of instruments sound perfectly perfect in comparison to a choir of of perfectly flawed human voices.
You'd think A would come before Z, but nothing would be further from the actuallity that they are adjacent.

Call the upper class to lower the lower class, and make a society twice as crass and half as haughty.

Hearts have horrible happenings that hack into the head.
Being sixteen is so much better when you're 18.

I should tell you, I should tell you, I am done with this entry.
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Almost made it a year.   
11:44pm 13/09/2005
mood: crappy
Since i was 9 years old i haven't been able to make it one year without going to the emergency room. This year was no exeption. On monday night i was skateboarding, as i so often do, and tried to switchflip off this ledge i had done it off at least 10 times before. but i slipped back onto my eldows and whiplashed the back of my head into the ground. About 5 seconds after impact my nose started bleeding and my throat had a mild taste of blood in it. It was probably the scariest feeling i had ever felt. My mom picked me up and we went to the hospital. The doctor said I had a mild concussion and the impact ruptured a blood vessel in my nose. Today was quite a nosseating day and i have had a splitting headache for the last 28 hours. oh yeah and no skating for a week and i have to wear a helmet for the 2 weeks following that week. I think I am accident prone and it is starting to hurt. Thank you for reading this i will talk to you all later and pictures of my day alone are to come.
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What is happening to Mesa-Town?   
10:46pm 01/09/2005
  Drugs are destroying the very society i grew up in and came to love. Another of Mesa's inhabitants has gone to God before their time. though i barely knew her i can't help but feel at a loss. goodbye.  
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10:58pm 31/08/2005
mood: busy
Seriously one of the most fun days of my life was last saturday. 7 am wake up to go to sedona and end up not leaving til 9 am. took a bunch of photos on the way so saome totally rad sites and then got the job done with 6 HOURS OF SKATEBOARDING! and out came some damn good footy and a couple terrific photos.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
skateboarding the hip was fun
Image hosted by Photobucket.comi love ollie-ing the volcano soo fun.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
back lips on quarter pipes are usually rather fun.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my favorite skate picture of the trip. 6 oclock in sedona is nothing short of magical.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
on the way back in williams az 30 miles out of flagstaff. perfect for photos.

aaand then i saw a whataburger open 24hours in kingman so i HAD to stop and then we headed home bruised bloody, tired and sooo happy!

NOTE: all photo's credited to Kevin Will-ROCK.
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Beatuiful end, to a beautiful summer.   
03:43am 15/08/2005
mood: content
This summer has been the longest and most pleasant and terrific summer of my entire life! i hope everyone at mountain view has a fun day tommorow sorry i can't be with you guys to graduate a toro but i guess ill do just fine waiting a year to be a sun devil! it took 17 and a half years but i finally found what i want to do when i get older. and im especially stoked on it. all the traveling and skateboarding and good times all add up to this euphoric feeling of summer and I think if it got any better i would explode. im sad for school because of the unifroms and the fact that i have to pay for all of my books. and i havent ordered them yet but it should be fine i don't care if i miss the first couple days. give me some time to just chill. did i mention i slept in the same bed with a guy who was wearing tidy whiteys? hahaha it was funny though. i love traveling im going to be doing a lot more this year too. on the list is oregon,california, arizona, utah, and maybe washington. should be fun! surfing skating and oh yeah im growing out my Geoff Rowley stache im stoked! by!
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Nothing important.   
06:21am 08/07/2005
mood: blah
I havent goen to bed yet. Bagagle hits cali on sunday. (minus derek and seth) but its going to kick sooo much ass its ridiculous. Im stoked. Livejournal Rocks. hahaha
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10:27pm 12/06/2005
mood: cheerful
HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT HAS BEEN MONTHS SINCE I HAVE BEEN ON LIVE JOURNAL. i think i have had this sucka for a year now, gosh i suck. but seriously i just had the best 10 days in mesa town. and then i am here for another few hours then i take off to ALASKA for 3 weeks then when i get back there is going to be some CALIFORNIA FUN!!!!!! oh yeha and i stillneed to finish watching mean girls. gosh that movie is awesome!
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01:06am 16/01/2005
  hello everybody!!!! i havent been using lj very much quite frankly because i didnt feel like it but i thought for all of your sake's i should show you some greeeeeaaaaat pictures of me!! enjoy.
Pictures!!!!Collapse )
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09:45pm 07/01/2005
  i was born on january 9th 1988. that would be 17 years ago from this sunday. i feel the need to tell everyone its my birthday. every year my birthday seems to be worse than the last. i have hundreds of birthday cards and i dont look at them because they don't make me happy like they used to. because when i was a kid i was very easily pleased, but now that i am extremely spoiled i really don't know what makes my birthday special. it just signifies me getting older and there is no reason for me to be happy about that. plus this year will be spent with a broken ankle all by myself in my room on the computer AIMing it up. i was hoping to be in arizona for my birthday but my parents quickly overruled. ohhhh well. the real point of this post was to get people to say "happy birthday" to me on my birthday because 99% of you were completely oblivious to the fact it was my birthday! well im spent!! GOOOOOOOOODNIGHT!!!!!  
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might as well   
01:03am 28/12/2004
mood: is vigilant a word?
sooo where do i begin. umm christmas was ok. derek and seth called me. my doctor says my ankle is healing well and i get my walking cast next week. my brother left today back to az :/ and welp he are some pictures cause i was bored.
pictures are always funCollapse )
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wanna trade me ankles?   
11:48pm 25/12/2004
mood: calm
christmas was fun. i didnt ask for anything so i was surprised with what i got. my grandma got me a rad futon. and my parents got me a cam. my brother got me some stuff from freedom which made me super happy because freedom is the greatest. im trying to stay as positive as i can on lj. im not too bummed on my ankle anymore but the end of january will be the greatest. i have a doctors appointment monday to see how my ankle is healing. WISH ME LUCK! (or not) HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!
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05:00pm 18/12/2004
  so since last tuesday when i fell. i havent really done much. i sit around and watch tv. occasionally get food but it take like an hour to get anything because i suck on crutches. i think ive only had one shower this entire week because i dont go up stairs for anything except to change and quite frankly i just dont like showers. never have never will. but i guess this gives me more time to do homework even though school gets out wednesday. i need to study for finals. but it seems like you all are haveing good winter breaks so thats good! i really want to go to stephens show the day before my birthday. i dont wanna get older :/ but if im in az for it i need somebody with a saw so i can cut off my god-forsaken cast. if not ill just light it on fire, because that sounds fun. also i want to see the life aquatic very badly. bye bye.  
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no good.   
09:26pm 15/12/2004
  so i broke my ankle. i wont be able to ride a skateboard until im 17. probly wont be going to az over christmas break. failed english. about to fail math. im just gonna stop there. im bummed.  
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why did i waste my time on this?   
09:26pm 06/12/2004
mood: burdened
boxers or briefs? none. boxer briefs?
plaid or striped? polka dots
alt or rap? alt
ska or punk? i steer clear of them both
classical or country? classical.
salt or pepper? peppa
coke or pepsi? pepsi
dr. pepper or mr. pib.? dr. pepper
Sprite or 7-up? 7-up
skittles-original, tropical, or wildberry? original

m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond? peanut
okay, ok, or o.k.? depends i guess
shake or stir? shake
bright colors or dark colors: plyphonic spree colors. (uber bright)
snap, crackle, or pop? its all about pop
half-empty or half-full: are you filling it up or drinking it?
sunshine or rain? can't skate in the rain. well petes underground
sun or moon? not a big fan of night skating
silver or gold? platinum
frogs or toads? tadpolls

:: short answer ::
left handed or right handed? right handed

are you smart? i would say yes but i am a liar.

whats your middle name? Thomas

how many personalities do you have? last time i checked it was about 1

how many piercings do you have? 0

tattoos? no. never.

what was your first word? probly fart.

do you read your horoscope? nah

do you believe in that stuff? nah

can you do a cartwheel? havent tried since like 9th grade

can you drive? yeah but i suck. but i have a license and truck so its all good.

do you keep a journal? does livejournal count?

what languages do you know? english and some numbers in french. maybe a few in spanish.

do you like cotton candy? i would be lying if i said no.

do you like pina coladas? and getting caught in the rain.

what do you sleep in? i sleep naked. PSYCHE! i normally wear some comfortable jeans and some slip ons to sleep.

how many pillows do you have?3-4 depending on my mood.

how many times have you moved houses? over 7 it makes me sad.

is your room messy? sometimes

do you like your handwriting? im stoked how well i write.

do you like to fingerpaint? i havent tried in a while i guess its fun.

do you sleep with a stuffed animal(s)? if it was a stuffed animal of a naked chick i guess (pervert?)

are you ticklish? totally

did you go to preschool? hell yeah! kids town bitches!

are you a morning person? if im skating.

"hard questions"
would you rather burn to death or freeze to death? what kind of gay question is that?

would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000? i would do it for $5

if you had a band what would you name it? the beatles.

where do you want to live? ARIZONA! az is love

if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it? something not gay.

if you had to get a body piercing right now where would it be? chode, just to see what it feels like.

if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be? one that says "im a dumbass for getting a tattoo

Spell your name backward: deT

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? kangaroo or koala bear

Ever been to Belgium? nah

What's your favourite coin? dolla dolla coin
describe your..
Pillow cover: bloody
Coffee cup: i dont drink coffee
Sunglasses: von zipper aviator
Shoes: vans
Favorite shirt: teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Favorite pants: i only have jeans. well excluding my leather ones.
Cologne/Perfume: ummm b.o.
Wearing: girl pants and a krooked shirt.
hair: dark brown maybe light brown.
height: 5'8"
thinking of: Aizona

last thing you...
bought: Snow Patrol. Elliott Smith either or
read: Elliott Smith and the big Nothing

either / or

tea or coffee: tea
cats or dogs: dogs
single or taken: im never taken. im a playa.
pen or pencil: pencil
gloves or mittens: michael jackson gloves.
food or candy: food
cassette or cd: cd

First Grade Teacher's Name? Ms. Depalla i think. i miss her. she treated me like a douche bag.
First Words You Said? shit didnt i already answer this?
Last Song You Sang? run, by snow patrol. im about to sing to the shins.
Last Person You Hugged? daryll. i guess im gay :/ haha
Last Thing You Laughed At? how shitty my life is.
Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It? i dunno if i've ever meant it. i mean i say it in the common i love you! to good friends but thats all.

Last Time You Cried? probly about 2 months ago. i was uber homesick. and then about a year before that. and the time before that was in 6th grade when i crashed and damaged myself super bad.

What's In Your CD Player? in my car? probly snow patrol. im addicted

What Color Socks Are You Wearing? gray sunday socks

What's Under Your Bed? shoe boxes some broken skateboards and a train set.

What Time Did You Wake Up Today? 6:30 am. i hate school so early here

Current Taste? 7-up
Current Hair? dark brown maybe light brown.
Current Annoyance? not being where i should be (AZ)
Current Longing? ? someone who gets me.
Current Desktop Picture? michael green artwork.
Current Worry? people forgetting me back home.
X[more random]X

Favorite Physical Feature Of The Opposite Sex? I'm kind of anti-sexual right now so i havent relaly been noticing that kinda stuff but i guess i would say hair.
You Wake Up In The Morning? i have to.
If You Could Play An Instrument? kazoo
Favorite ColoR? pink and blue.
You Believe In An Afterlife? i want to. i kinda hope there is one.
Favorite Season? summer.
Favorite Day? SAturday
Where Would You Like To Go? England.
What Is Your Career Going To Be Like? If i get to be a writer it will be perfect.
How Many Kids Do You Want? if i have money to provide them with what they need i guess 3. so if 1 or 2 messes up i always have hope in the third.
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im still looking to find my place.   
09:28pm 02/12/2004
mood: cold
i promised a bunch of people i would post some pictures. you will see a poorly shot picture of me drinking hot cocoa after i bitch about my problems. last night im on the phone with my grandma and i told her i dont go to sat study classes becaus ei go to az on my free weekends to skateboard, she starts yelling saying its time to stop that nonsense and get serious, she says that the fun part of my life is over. we talk for another 15 minutes and she gets into the subject of what i wanna do when i get older and i said im going into writing and dramatic arts. she starts yelling again saying that that isnt a real job and that it is just a hobby to write plays and movies. then she saks me "well you want to make money dont you?!" i replied with a "I dont really care if im rich or poor as long as im writing." once again she starts into a fit and about that time i hand the phone over to my dad and call brittni on my phone for emotional support cause im a pussy. she didnt answer but i talked to her on aim. thank you brittni. and tonight i get in the door for three seconds and my mom starts yelling at me to do sishes and she notices that on my hand the words "im gay" are written on my hand in sharpee so she starts yelling that i shouldnt let someone do that and that im stupid to let things like that happen to me. i tell her that i was sleeping and i didnt know she freaks out cause i was sleeping in class and tells me to go upstairs and leave her alone. im pretty bummed. but despite the minor bruises on my hips and heels i skateboarded today at the college here. there was a 10 stair rail and i had fun on it, i only fell once and it didnt hurt. i landed front board and front lip. im going back saturday for more. you probly just skipped that whole article to look at my ugly ass face drinking hot cocoa. here it is.... enjoy
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10:22pm 30/11/2004
mood: fake.
i miss my friends back home sooo much. nick and daniel came up and i was soooo happy i even got some tricks on film. they made me happy while they were here but i was sad when i came home from work the next day and they were gone. i skated today and got super wrecked its like there was a force making me fall. after a while i just couldnt take it so i laid in the bowl for like 10 minutes and thought about things. i could mostly just think about sophmore year and how much i took it for granted. i wasted all my time bitching and complaining. i miss everyone i used to skate with and hang out with. jake, brittni, derek, cam, and many others. i just miss you all. dont be offended if you werent one of those 4. i just dont have time to name you all. i wish i would get more phone calls from home. i think i might be changing my number to a vegas number because i dont get any calls from back home except my random calls from brittni which im always gone. we've been playing phone tag for about a week and a half now. there is too many thoughts going through my head right now. the new episode of laguna beach is scaring the shit out of me because im dredding the moment i have to say by to most my friends. im doing a lot of reading and writing i think i actually have to mature and think about my future because i have been living in the now my whole life and its not working at all. its hard to talk to people because im kind of in a situation where nobody relates, its not just the moving thing but its like the loneliness and the emptiness. i wish someone could help but i guess i have to figure it out myself. if i make this any longer i dont think anyone will read this which would be fine. i am reading Elliott Smith's biography and it is interesting but heart breaking at the same time. he had such pain inside himself i think thats why i have spent so much time getting into him because i kind of relate. although i dont have the courage to release myself from this world. there is too much stuff happening i just want sophmore year again. there is a lot of faces i want to see but cant. my dreams are a constant reminder of what i had and what i ruined. too many of my dreams have ended in tragedy and they seem so much like reality that when i get up i just want everything to stop for just 10 seconds. im gonna stop here and pick up where i left off tommorow. goodbye to everyone who read this far.
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so a subject goes on this line?   
12:24am 28/11/2004
mood: okay
livejournal sucks. good weekend. at least i dont sniff little boys bycicle seats. i love you all.

p.s. stephen stienbrink rocks. thank you for the note dear friend.
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03:57pm 23/11/2004
mood: soo psyched

Dan is love
Made by cantstopfeeling
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everyone is doing it.   
08:52pm 20/11/2004
mood: blah

Which 1980's Hair Band Are You?

Which Grunge Band Are You?

oh well.
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mountain view is the best.   
07:00pm 16/11/2004
mood: homesick
Ted and a Half: you gellin?
DICK SWEET 88: gellin like a fellin
Ted and a Half: want some melon?
DICK SWEET 88: umm no

-i gave my marine biology report today. my teacher got pissed at me cause i suck at talking.
-my brother is coming up for thanksgiving and he is bringing me 2 freedom boards
-my good friends daniel and nick s. are coming up after thanksgiving to hang out. more people should follow this trend. it will make me happy when they come though.
-i am going to make some food from scratch because my parents arent home yet. food is always good.
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