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im still looking to find my place.

i promised a bunch of people i would post some pictures. you will see a poorly shot picture of me drinking hot cocoa after i bitch about my problems. last night im on the phone with my grandma and i told her i dont go to sat study classes becaus ei go to az on my free weekends to skateboard, she starts yelling saying its time to stop that nonsense and get serious, she says that the fun part of my life is over. we talk for another 15 minutes and she gets into the subject of what i wanna do when i get older and i said im going into writing and dramatic arts. she starts yelling again saying that that isnt a real job and that it is just a hobby to write plays and movies. then she saks me "well you want to make money dont you?!" i replied with a "I dont really care if im rich or poor as long as im writing." once again she starts into a fit and about that time i hand the phone over to my dad and call brittni on my phone for emotional support cause im a pussy. she didnt answer but i talked to her on aim. thank you brittni. and tonight i get in the door for three seconds and my mom starts yelling at me to do sishes and she notices that on my hand the words "im gay" are written on my hand in sharpee so she starts yelling that i shouldnt let someone do that and that im stupid to let things like that happen to me. i tell her that i was sleeping and i didnt know she freaks out cause i was sleeping in class and tells me to go upstairs and leave her alone. im pretty bummed. but despite the minor bruises on my hips and heels i skateboarded today at the college here. there was a 10 stair rail and i had fun on it, i only fell once and it didnt hurt. i landed front board and front lip. im going back saturday for more. you probly just skipped that whole article to look at my ugly ass face drinking hot cocoa. here it is.... enjoy
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