ted (the_tedski) wrote,

so since last tuesday when i fell. i havent really done much. i sit around and watch tv. occasionally get food but it take like an hour to get anything because i suck on crutches. i think ive only had one shower this entire week because i dont go up stairs for anything except to change and quite frankly i just dont like showers. never have never will. but i guess this gives me more time to do homework even though school gets out wednesday. i need to study for finals. but it seems like you all are haveing good winter breaks so thats good! i really want to go to stephens show the day before my birthday. i dont wanna get older :/ but if im in az for it i need somebody with a saw so i can cut off my god-forsaken cast. if not ill just light it on fire, because that sounds fun. also i want to see the life aquatic very badly. bye bye.
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