ted (the_tedski) wrote,


i was born on january 9th 1988. that would be 17 years ago from this sunday. i feel the need to tell everyone its my birthday. every year my birthday seems to be worse than the last. i have hundreds of birthday cards and i dont look at them because they don't make me happy like they used to. because when i was a kid i was very easily pleased, but now that i am extremely spoiled i really don't know what makes my birthday special. it just signifies me getting older and there is no reason for me to be happy about that. plus this year will be spent with a broken ankle all by myself in my room on the computer AIMing it up. i was hoping to be in arizona for my birthday but my parents quickly overruled. ohhhh well. the real point of this post was to get people to say "happy birthday" to me on my birthday because 99% of you were completely oblivious to the fact it was my birthday! well im spent!! GOOOOOOOOODNIGHT!!!!!
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