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Beatuiful end, to a beautiful summer.

This summer has been the longest and most pleasant and terrific summer of my entire life! i hope everyone at mountain view has a fun day tommorow sorry i can't be with you guys to graduate a toro but i guess ill do just fine waiting a year to be a sun devil! it took 17 and a half years but i finally found what i want to do when i get older. and im especially stoked on it. all the traveling and skateboarding and good times all add up to this euphoric feeling of summer and I think if it got any better i would explode. im sad for school because of the unifroms and the fact that i have to pay for all of my books. and i havent ordered them yet but it should be fine i don't care if i miss the first couple days. give me some time to just chill. did i mention i slept in the same bed with a guy who was wearing tidy whiteys? hahaha it was funny though. i love traveling im going to be doing a lot more this year too. on the list is oregon,california, arizona, utah, and maybe washington. should be fun! surfing skating and oh yeah im growing out my Geoff Rowley stache im stoked! by!
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