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Almost made it a year.

Since i was 9 years old i haven't been able to make it one year without going to the emergency room. This year was no exeption. On monday night i was skateboarding, as i so often do, and tried to switchflip off this ledge i had done it off at least 10 times before. but i slipped back onto my eldows and whiplashed the back of my head into the ground. About 5 seconds after impact my nose started bleeding and my throat had a mild taste of blood in it. It was probably the scariest feeling i had ever felt. My mom picked me up and we went to the hospital. The doctor said I had a mild concussion and the impact ruptured a blood vessel in my nose. Today was quite a nosseating day and i have had a splitting headache for the last 28 hours. oh yeah and no skating for a week and i have to wear a helmet for the 2 weeks following that week. I think I am accident prone and it is starting to hurt. Thank you for reading this i will talk to you all later and pictures of my day alone are to come.
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