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Put your finger down my throat.

If I swallow anything evil.

Backwards, forwards inverse and outwards.
I write this feeling rather flooded.
But I guess you gotta live to learn how to be dead.
Random Ideas come into my mind and I type them out in this bulletin.
God is a woman, and the woman is an animal that animal is man, and that's you.
15 times I've eaten the same bowl of raison bran. It never tastes better.
Strong bones make weak muscles that lose support when they dry.
We both know that it's dead, and it's been dying for some time.
After all these implements and texts designed by intellects of X to find, evidently there's still so much that hides.
Without The Shins my life would not be complete. MY knees would be connected directly to my ankles.

If you wish to stop reading now, I recommend you do so.
I would share my pot with you, it's stainless steel.
I can't wait to wake to see whether the weather will have wind or weak rain.
I live for clouds, stars and everything above.
Transcending space and time is a hobby I once had now I let them shackle me with their chains and I follow with no disobedience.

Destruction is the creation of destruction.
SYmphonies of instruments sound perfectly perfect in comparison to a choir of of perfectly flawed human voices.
You'd think A would come before Z, but nothing would be further from the actuallity that they are adjacent.

Call the upper class to lower the lower class, and make a society twice as crass and half as haughty.

Hearts have horrible happenings that hack into the head.
Being sixteen is so much better when you're 18.

I should tell you, I should tell you, I am done with this entry.
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